Rite of Passage

Jun 22, 2016 by


I met a woman at a meeting last week who recently sent her 14-year-old daughter on a rite of passage trip with her grandparents. They were headed to Italy.

Mom was experiencing a lot of anxiety – from her daughter being gone from her…… to her wanting her daughter to do well with the grandparents…. to her experiencing all she needed to experience on this trip. Mom even sent two questions with her daughter to help her in times of frustration.

But Mom’s biggest question? Have I’ve done right in raising my daughter?

Everyone asks himself or herself the same question. The last thing we want to leave is the legacy of failed parenting. Even though we know there is only so much we can do, (that pesky free will.) we still bear the huge responsibility of modeling the right life for our children and training them in how to live.

  • Are you and your family living intentionally?
  • Are you all aiming for the same goal and on the same page with how to get there?

We would love to help you with your child’s legacy trip. Learn more here.

~Jim and Jerolyn



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What is a Legacy Trip?

Oct 21, 2013 by


Today’s post is an explanation of a Legacy Trip. This will also be posted under the Legacy Trip tab for future reference.

All cultures have some form of a rite of passage celebration such as Quinceanera or an 18th birthday party. Jim and Jerolyn have established a rite of passage trip based on Jesus’ temple trip. When their children reach age 14, they take them to a location of the child’s choosing. Jim and Jerolyn establish the agenda. Jim and Jerolyn often say, “The child chooses the location; we set the agenda.” They call it a Legacy Trip.

This is a wonderful “rite of passage” trip to celebrate their child. While doing something their child loves to do, Jim and Jerolyn will each day review the values that they have been raising their child with all their life. You could say this is a time of passing off of the baton. The child is of an age that they need to take ownership of those values and move forward in their life with the responsibility of the values as their own. Since they are still under their parent’s roof, the child will have supervision as they continue to walk in the values and make decisions as to their future.

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