I Believe in You

Jan 15, 2013 by

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I believe in you-

In the things that are important to you

And in the way to choose to live your life…

I believe that you can accomplish

Anything you set out to do, that you have many talents

And the wisdom to use them well…

I believe that you have what it takes to overcome obstacles

And to grow from every experience

Life brings your way…

I believe in your courage, your compassion, your integrity, and your strength.

I believe in your goodness…

I believe in you.

by Bobbie Burrow

These words were written on a card given to me recently from my beautiful bride. She included a note that simply said, “these words spoke my heart, “not to my heart, but “spoke my heart”…words that clearly communicated what she believes.

And the reason for the card? Just because…

What an expression of love by sharing these words of affirmation to me, as well as, her statement of belief in me. We continue to find ways to share and show each other expressions of love and commitment.

As we journey together it is so important to share those moments, words and everyday life, and to celebrate life together just because…

Communicating to each other is as important as talking about each other.

So many lessons in this card but allow me to focus on a few…

  • Express belief in your spouse.
  • Communicate effectively.
  • Affirm and celebrate values you find in your spouse.
  • Speak to your spouse with encouragement.  This card gives me resolve to live out these statements about Jerolyn’s belief in me more than ever before.
  • Live your life so that your spouse will make these statements to you and about you, that he/she sees and believes these values in you.

I believe so much in Jerolyn. I often say to people that she is the good-looking, talented, intelligent one of our relationship. I simply tag along for the ride. I do believe so much in her and all she continues to be as a woman of God to whom I am blessed to be married, as well as her commitment to, love for, and belief in me to help me become all God desires me to be as His Son and Jerolyn’s husband. With words, notes, cards, emails, texts, etc. like these from her, I can even believe in myself more and strive to become more closely to what she sees in me.

How are you telling your spouse you believe in them?




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