True Friendships

Nov 8, 2012 by

Like so many I try to find a place away from the office for study, planning, writing blogs like this, etc. I have a few spots I have found that are wonderful for me, but that is for another blog.

One time where I was sitting there was a group of retired men sitting around enjoying a drink and having conversation. They were close to me so guess I was eavesdropping, but anyone within 20 feet of them could easily hear these guys. They were having a great time.

They talked religion, politics, along with going around the world and back on topics. They laughed with and at each other, knew when and where to lay a dig on one of them, and gave the old “cheap shot” that only friends are allowed to give each other.

I found it interesting that they strongly disagreed on some major taboo discussion topics like politics and religion, but were not afraid to let their opinions be heard. They even received others’ comments, mostly ones they disagreed with, without getting mad, storming out and never coming back to the group.

Oscar Wilde said, “True friends stab you in the front.”

This was most certain of these men — they were obviously friends. Some I am sure had been for some time.

It seems to me that’s what true friendship and genuine tolerance is all about. Give and take, banter, freedom to express even when others disagree, and walk away closer than when you sat down.

  • What about you and true friendship – who are in your closest conversations?
  • Who can you trust and who can trust you to be honest, disagree, debate and argue, while still being loyal and laughing when you leave?

Living life with others is how we are wired making it much more fun and enjoyable, especially in the challenging times. Commit today to be a friend that is dependable, healthy, loyal, and fun.

How can you improve your friendships so you are closer when you leave than when you sat down?

~ Jim

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