Building Cohesive Teams

To build a business, to build a team, you must have solid communication among the members. This requires understanding roles and focused listening. Knowing not only your own personality and how you communicate, but also the personalities of those people on your team is the beginning. Then once you have learned about each other, what are best ways to move the company forward as a team?

Jim and Jerolyn Bogear have developed a process to walk teams through these points of communication, cooperation, and forward movement. They take the time to learn about your team, help them to communicate better with one another, and increase the productivity and effectiveness in how they function as a team.



  1. First Team Building Workshop:

Morning: 3-hour workshop on personalities, communication style, defining roles, and setting goals for better forward movement. Afternoon: (Optional) Complimentary 30-minute coaching sessions with each of the team members.

  1. Second Team Building Workshop: 1-2 months later

3-hour workshop to review and redirect where needed. We will work on future goals and action steps on team development and corporate production.

  1. 6-month Reboot: 6 months after Second Session

This is a 3-hour session for follow up and accountability. We will work through progress questions and challenges that the team is currently facing. Often adjustments need to be made in roles or procedures to be more effective for the team and for the company.


If you found the individual coaching sessions to be beneficial to your team members, Jim and Jerolyn will set up 6- or 12-month coaching contracts to work on individual goals and challenges.

* Larger group and retreat options available upon request.

Compensation packages available upon request.

Jim and Jerolyn Bogear are motivational communicators who inspire and impact organizations and businesses to soar higher than ever before specifically in living a life of significance and not simply success.

It’s our mission, to partner with you to help go beyond general success and find significance.

Learning to live and leave a legacy of significance!!!

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