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Recently, Jerolyn and I were privileged to teach and lead a parenting conference in Texas. Here is some of what was said by those who attended…

“We must be intentional parents if we hope to leave our children a legacy of Christian values that they take with them as they grow and start their own families.”

“One of the things we liked was the emphasis on discipleship, and we think we will be much more intentional about living a legacy for our children to follow.”

“After our discussion, both (of our children) were excited about creating a poster with “our family values” and could not wait to pick out a prominent wall on which to display them!  This in itself is an exciting development and one that got (my wife) and I motivated to ensure we continue to model the values to our children.”

Did you catch that more than one person mentioned the intentionality of parenting and having a plan. We love it.

Here is what is exciting to us. We have been told over and over that this material is practical and immediately applicable. It is intended to be implemented immediately, if you choose, to establish and discuss what family values you will decide to live.

We are honored and humbled to see so many begin to put into play their practical parenting plan. Parents are learning, and going back to their children to discuss what is happening and what needs to happen. Families are committing to having family values and putting into practice what it is like to live them out.

What does your family value? How are you being intentional in living out your values?

~Jim and Jerolyn

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