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investing in relationships


What investments are you making into the life of your family? Now most financial planners will talk about a plan to invest for a higher rate of return for your future. They will discuss, and rightly so, how to make a plan for retirement, and what to leave your family as an inheritance.

So what about significance and leaving something more than just dollars? What plan have you implemented to invest in the lives of your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and anyone else that you have influence in their lives? What strategy have you put in place that assures significance in the life of others by investing in THEM! Not investing for them, but IN them.

What do you believe about them, encourage them, celebrate in them, challenge them to go as far as they can with what God has designed and desires in and from them?

  • What ways are you investing in the lives of others?
  • What steps can you take to invest in people rather than only dollars?
  • What impact can you have by investing time, energy, and wisdom in the life of another?
  • Who is that person, or people, that you need to get a plan ready today to invest for something greater than yourself and your own success?
  • What investments really make a difference?

Financial planners say that nearly 97% of us never plan appropriately when it comes to money for our future…college education, retirement, inheritance, etc. Most of us just hope it happens. So often that is the way we treat relationships. However it happens, that is how it happens. We hope it works but if it doesn’t, there is no plan to make it work, no strategy to significance, no game plan to move the relationship deeper and healthier for all involved. We hope it happens but do not plan for anything to happen.

Someone once said, “We plan to fail when we fail to plan.” So it is in investing in the lives of others and our relationships with them. Let’s make it a great plan to invest well!


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