It’s Not About Me!

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I can tend to be a very selfish person. Yep, I just put that out there. I like things a certain way – usually my way. I like people to behave the way I think they need to behave. I like to be taken care of. And as an introvert, I really like my alone time. Just being honest here.

But lately God keeps bringing people into my life with the reminder that “It’s not about me!”

My first thought is, “But why can’t it be about me?” (Sigh) Then I put on my big girl pants, remember I’m not an infant, and get to being about my Father’s business.

The greatest sin we are tempted by is selfishness. Some could even argue that all sin is centered in selfishness. But life is simply not about my comfort and convenience. It’s about relationships.

Jesus said go into all the world and make disciples. Unfortunately, I can’t be doing that while lounging around in my yoga pants. I have to get out of the house and meet people where they are, ready to listen and serve them in whatever way they need.

A few weeks ago at the Alive women’s conference in Nashville we were reminded over and over of ways to be available to others whether they live next door or around the world. Then the pastor’s sermon recently was the exact same message. Go! (You think God is trying to get my attention?)

Going can sometimes be inconvenient and occasionally costly. But we need each other, and those people in our world need to see, hear, and experience Jesus loving and serving them. That may only happen through you.

So this introvert’s mantra in a plane, at a conference, at the grocery store, or in a one-on-one conversation is “It’s not about me.” That thought and truly a prayer continues to keep me focused on others first. I’m not doing it perfectly, but this recovering “self” addict is moving forward and outward.

What self-focused changes do you need to make?

~ Jim and Jerolyn


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