Practical Ideas for Teaching Devotion: Part 2

Mar 7, 2013 by

On Tuesday we gave you some ideas on teaching Devotion to your children. We have some more tips for today. But remember, teaching your children a value always begins with modeling that value. Stop and consider how you are doing. Maybe you need to begin applying these steps to your own life as well. What a great way to grow with your child — by learning with them. It’s never too late.

All Ages

  • Pray with your children.
  • Sing and play worship songs with your children.

Ages 2-5

  • Show your children how to love others with God’s love. Take them with you when you serve others and involve them in the service.

Ages: 6-10

  • Teach your child what it means to give to God because you love Him. Tithing is a great start.
  • Have a regular time for family devotions and prayer.
  • Teach your child to love the unchurched by spending time with them.

Ages 11-17

  • When family decisions are made, explain how your family’s devotion to God factors in the decision.
  • When your children face situations where they must take a stand for Christ, support them and stand with them.
  • When your child is having a particularly difficult time coping with something, ask them how their time alone with the Lord is going. Often then are missing that important refocusing time that gives a person perspective.

Tell us some of your ideas for helping your child understand devotion. We’d love to hear from you.

~Jim and Jerolyn

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