Every Day Romance

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The other day I was perusing Facebook and came across this post by our friend, Brooke, a young wife and mother. We were so touched by its simplicity, honesty, and elegance that we wanted to share it with you. Brooke not only writes well, but she is also a photographer. Visit BrookeOdgersPhotography.com. The picture above is of her husband, Josh. Read this short account of how Brooke defines romance.

There’s many, seemingly little, reasons I adore him. For 15 years (this Friday actually…) these little reasons have stacked upon one another, adding to what I already thought was a full heart, making me feel like my chest could explode with the depth of my affection for him. I thought love would be big, magical, romantic…. It is more often small, day to day, and thoughtful.
It might seem strange that a quick capture of him helping me fold loads of laundry on a Sunday night brings such a rush of love…. “Laying down your life” for the one you love isn’t just about dying a physical death but about dying to selfishness. He worked in the 100 degree heat for 9+ hours and then helped me fold socks.
That’s my romance. ~ Brooke Odgers

What is your romance?

~Jim and Jerolyn Bogear – Thanks, Brooke, for letting us share your heart.


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