How’s Your Work Ethic?

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Work ethic is one of those key core values of ours. It comes under our value of Integrity, and we believe work ethic is a critical part of that value. We do believe in our words and keeping them true and correct, but along with that our work commitment and strong ethic speaks rather loudly to being a person of Integrity.

“There is someone out there that also wants to be the best, so I have to outwork them to be the best..” Amari Cooper

Amari Cooper was the wide receiver for the nationally ranked University of Alabama and now plans to go to the NFL. This video clip attached was done this past fall and is presented by ESPN. When watching this you will hear described so well about his work ethic and who helped model and teach him that work ethic. We believe it articulates well what we often attempt to amarikneelingcommunicate, so watch, enjoy, learn, and process his words and actions to apply to your own life and to your parenting.

Work Ethic. Integrity.

How are you doing with this value? How well are you modeling and teaching your children this value? It really is a game-changer in life.

~ Jim and Jerolyn


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