Respecting Our Children

Jun 20, 2013 by

adult children

So a few months ago I wrote about Jim and I becoming second-time honeymooners. Some call it empty-nesters, but I don’t like that phrase. Sounds dried up and boring and we are not that. We’ve really enjoyed our 9 months with just the two of us – going by just our schedules, eating what we like, picking up at a moment’s notice to go do something together without consulting children’s schedules. It has been very fun.

But we are now in a temporary hiatus from our second honeymoon. First, our youngest returned home from college for the summer. Now, this last weekend, our son and his wife moved in with us for a year as they prepare to go to the mission field in Europe. Yes, we now have 3 adult children living in our home and are experiencing a new adventure.

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