Integrity: Being Loyal

Jan 18, 2017 by

One of our family values is Integrity. It is one of our 6 values that we chose to identify and name for our family, although we were already practicing this value. As a part of the Integrity value, loyalty is one of the key identifiers for us as to implementing and living out this value along with a strong work ethic and honesty.

Lauren, our oldest child who is now grown and married, modeled this so well in her friendships that other friends would literally use this word to describe her.

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How’s Your Work Ethic?

Feb 3, 2015 by



Work ethic is one of those key core values of ours. It comes under our value of Integrity, and we believe work ethic is a critical part of that value. We do believe in our words and keeping them true and correct, but along with that our work commitment and strong ethic speaks rather loudly to being a person of Integrity.

“There is someone out there that also wants to be the best, so I have to outwork them to be the best..” Amari Cooper

Amari Cooper was the wide receiver for the nationally ranked University of Alabama and now plans to go to the NFL. This video clip attached was done this past fall and is presented by ESPN. When watching this you will hear described so well about his work ethic and who helped model and teach him that work ethic. We believe it articulates well what we often attempt to amarikneelingcommunicate, so watch, enjoy, learn, and process his words and actions to apply to your own life and to your parenting.

Work Ethic. Integrity.

How are you doing with this value? How well are you modeling and teaching your children this value? It really is a game-changer in life.

~ Jim and Jerolyn


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How to Train Your Kids to Finish Well, Part 2

Apr 23, 2014 by

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On Tuesday we discussed the idea of finishing well and how we can model that for our children. Today we will cover some strategies for training our children to finish well.

A couple of weeks ago our church put on a 5K/10K run. The most inspiring runner came in last on the 5K. Paul suffered from a stroke almost one year ago to the day of the race. But he did that entire 5K with cane in hand in 2 hours and 15 minutes. Everyone crowded around at the finish line to cheer Paul in as he slowly put one foot in front of the other, and I don’t believe there was a dry eye in the place. Paul could have said at any point on that route, “This is too hard and I’m too slow. I give up.” But he didn’t. He finished well.

After we model for our children what it means to finish well, we need to train our children to finish well.  I think with raising our kids, we’ve seen this happen in three ways:

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How to Train Your Kids to Finish Well, Part 1

Apr 21, 2014 by

finish line


I can hardly believe that our youngest, Gabby, finishes her sophomore year of college tomorrow. Unbelievable.  Now, I understand, some of you are just finishing spring break and have a little while to go yet. But all of our kids, from kindergarten through college are in the final days of this school year.

Our children are finishing up projects that they have put off since at least January. They are freaking out about cumulative finals and wondering why on earth anyone expects them to remember everything from the beginning of the year. Some have just succumbed to the long-awaited Spring fever and checked out completely.

Wherever your children fall right now in their attitude and perspective on school, we as parents need to help them finish well.

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The Power of Preparation

Jan 27, 2014 by



Back in December this a picture of Peyton Manning went viral.

The Business Insider picked up on this and wrote about Manning’s preparation.

As the Denver Broncos now prepare to play in Super Bowl, it seems even more appropriate to discuss. Not that winning or losing the game was all on Peyton Manning’s preparation, but his preparation and commitment to doing his best helped the rest of the team and coaching staff prepare.

Recently, someone said that Peyton would question the planning of even the coaches to make sure he and all had prepared properly leaving nothing to chance or hope, rather to execution on the field.

Back to the picture and the article…The Business Insider stated the following:

The explanation from Gray Caldwell and Stuart Zaas of shows why Peyton Manning is the best quarterback in the NFL and why the Broncos are 11-2 this season:

Earlier this season, Manning and tight end Julius Thomas found themselves in the training room instead of practice on a Wednesday.

Not wanting to miss out on mental reps, Manning took matters into his own hands.

With his injured ankle in the cold tub, the quarterback kept his helmet on to listen to the play calls from Offensive Coordinator Adam Gase, who was on the practice field. Simultaneously, he watched game tape on his iPad.

What are you and I doing to prepare? For many of us presentation is often overrated and preparation underrated. We want to do something but do not want to pay the price to get ready to do it. We think that we can somehow just ride the wave. Some people are incredibly talented, but it doesn’t get them to where they need to be. They may ride this talent for a while, but somewhere along the line you and I will be outdone by someone who has worked harder in preparation.

We all have to prepare. Prepare for what? It doesn’t matter if it is for an athletic achievement or academic accomplishment, preparation is the perspiration behind the presentation. To be the best, to succeed, to do what we need to do, preparation is the critical component for our lives.

Peyton Manning should be an encouragement to many of us to spur us on. His ability is evident, but it is preparation that causes many to consider him the greatest quarterback of all time. We don’t have to like football to learn from him. Football just happens to be his focus and ability. What is yours?

Whatever we are after in life, we are learning more and more it is the preparation that moves us from where we are to where we know we can be and become.

What areas of life do you need to prepare more intently? Are you willing to work hard and even look silly with a helmet on your head while your foot is in the water? What goals do you have? What dreams are still inside you? What preparation needs to happen for the next test at school or presentation at work or physical challenge you have set before you?

Whatever it is, don’t allow the lack of preparation be your downfall. Learn from Peyton Manning and even the best of us must prepare to become all God designed and desires for us.

  • What do you want to accomplish?
  • What price are you willing to pay?
  • What needs to happen in preparation to achieve the goal or build the relationship?
  • When will you start?
  • How will your preparation inspire others to do the same?

~ Jim


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