Practical Ideas for Teaching Devotion: Part 2

Mar 7, 2013 by

On Tuesday we gave you some ideas on teaching Devotion to your children. We have some more tips for today. But remember, teaching your children a value always begins with modeling that value. Stop and consider how you are doing. Maybe you need to begin applying these steps to your own life as well. What a great way to grow with your child — by learning with them. It’s never too late.

All Ages

  • Pray with your children.
  • Sing and play worship songs with your children.

Ages 2-5

  • Show your children how to love others with God’s love. Take them with you when you serve others and involve them in the service.

Ages: 6-10

  • Teach your child what it means to give to God because you love Him. Tithing is a great start.
  • Have a regular time for family devotions and prayer.
  • Teach your child to love the unchurched by spending time with them.

Ages 11-17

  • When family decisions are made, explain how your family’s devotion to God factors in the decision.
  • When your children face situations where they must take a stand for Christ, support them and stand with them.
  • When your child is having a particularly difficult time coping with something, ask them how their time alone with the Lord is going. Often then are missing that important refocusing time that gives a person perspective.

Tell us some of your ideas for helping your child understand devotion. We’d love to hear from you.

~Jim and Jerolyn

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Practical Ideas for Teaching Devotion: Part 1

Mar 5, 2013 by

FaithLegacy final

Every parent can use some new ideas to teach values to their children. In our book, Faith Legacy: Six Values to Shape Your Child’s Journey, we have pages of ideas to jump-start your creativity.  Today and Thursday, we will share the practical tips for teaching Devotion to God to your children. We have broken them down into age-appropriate activities.

All Ages:

  • Let your child “catch” you praying and reading God’s Word.
  • Let your conversations be permeated with wholesome talk, so your children will see and know your love for God.

Ages 2-5:

  • Read from a children’s Bible. Share with your children how important God is and how important they are to God.
  • Encourage your child to have Time Alone With God (TAWG). For younger children, start with just a few minutes to sit by themselves alone with God.

Ages 6-10:

  • Give your elementary-aged children a Bible and a lengthier TAWG time. Provide guidelines for their time, such as listening to and reading only material that honors God. At this age, they may want to draw or even play quietly. Even this can be time alone with God.
  • Discuss what your child is learning from God’s Word. Work together with your child on any take-home materials from your church.
  • Make decisions a matter of prayer. Ask “Have you prayed about that?”

Ages 11-17

  • Encourage your child to go more in depth in their TAWG time. Be sure you are modeling the importance of time alone with God in your own life.
  • Teach your child the SOAP method of studying the Word – Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer.

Have you tried any of these? Let us know how well they worked for you.

~Jim and Jerolyn

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