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Merry Christmas

Celebrate the birth of our Lord.

~Jim and Jerolyn

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Christmas Family Traditions

Dec 23, 2013 by

Christmas balls

Traditions! Traditions!

I love Christmas! I have been known to play some Christmas music in July. Jerolyn has always been guarded about playing the music too early and getting a head start on Christmas before we even celebrate Labor Day. I am all about “the bigger, the better,” and Jerolyn is much more about “bigger is not always better.” More does not always mean better.  She is correct, as usual, but it doesn’t stop me from the excitement and anticipation of Christmas while enjoying Thanksgiving along the way.

Jerolyn makes a very good point in not jumping holidays or neglecting Thanksgiving trying to wish our lives away getting to Christmas. But we are relentless in giving her a hard time and calling her “Scrooge.” She tolerates our jabs, but really she keeps us balanced and focused on what is important.

We do have a number of traditions for Christmas that are now being experienced and implemented by our grown kids in their homes. This makes us smile as we were sure some years they would never want to do a few of these traditions ever again.

When you grew up, what traditions did your family establish? Jerolyn’s family had their own traditions, and once we were married I had to correct her…tongue in cheek here people. In all seriousness we had to work through those that we wanted to keep from our own families’ growing up, compromise, as well as, create those we wanted to establish for our own home.

We know a family that over the years had the tradition of decorating gingerbread houses.  Our own kids have been a part in years past. We recently heard a great story about this tradition:

As the kids got older the tradition never stopped even in the grumbling, “I’m too old for this” stages of life. The youngest son just graduated from Marine Boot Camp. He has a few days home until he is deployed. His mom waited for him and, you guessed it, kept the tradition of the gingerbread decorating for him to participate. Someone overheard this son, who is definitely a man, say, “I am excited about decorating my gingerbread house.” Hoorah! (In honor of this Marine) Love it!gingerbread house

Christmas time is possibly the most popular time of the year to establish traditions. They give us hope and memories to hang onto for the rest of our lives. Traditions create a sense of home and belonging and family. What are your traditions? If you don’t already have any, what will you start?

Here are some more questions about Traditions…

  • Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning? I know, I know, but there are actually people who consider opening their presents on Christmas Eve…heretical.
  • Do you go to either parent’s homes or stay at your home.
  • When do you decorate?
  • What do you do about buying gifts? Any kind of Christmas movies or stories you make sure are watched or read?
  • Any kind of parties, looking at lights, or special foods that have to be made?
  • What about reading the Christmas story or special advent activities?
  • Buying a real tree or purchase an artificial one?  How do you make this a tradition and in what ways can you add to the tradition?

What traditions do you establish for your own family?

~Merry Christmas, Jim and Jerolyn

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