Marriage Coaching

What is marriage coaching? Well, let’s begin with what it is not. It is not Counseling or Therapy which focuses on the past. It is not Mentoring which is giving advice based on the Mentor’s experiences. (Although Jim and Jerolyn will occasionally offer mentoring advice.) While both of these are needed services, they are not where Jim and Jerolyn focus.

Coaching is a directed session of helping you find the answers you need for your marriage. It is beginning where your marriage is right now and setting goals for where you want it to be. When you start to envision the marriage you want, Jim and Jerolyn, as certified coaches, will help you develop the steps you need to get to that goal.

Here are some of the objectives Jim and Jerolyn will walk through with you over a 12-month contract.

Module: Marriage

I. Set marriage S.M.A.R.T. goals.

  • Understanding yourself
  • Write a vision for your marriage
  • Create a list of values for your marriage
  • Define what it means to be a good spouse
  • Understand your spouse’s needs
  • Staying connected while remaining individuals
  • How to work together – cooperation
  • How to talk to your spouse – communication, conflict management, dreaming together
  • Selflessness in marriage
  • Date Nights
  • More Intimate Intimacy
  • Plan a marriage-focused vacation

II. Determine avenues to meet S.M.A.R.T. goals

  • Scheduling
  • Prioritizing
  • Communication assignments
  • Personality testing
  • Personal blog and evaluation of it.
  • Read assigned materials and view/listen to selected media

Establish check points for steps of success

  • State of the Marriage discussions dates set
  • Marriage conference
  • Evaluation form

Have a stronger, established marital relationship with continuing growth plan

  • Your marriage is in a better place than it was 12 months ago.
  • Develop an on-going action plan


To set up an introductory appointment and obtain a pricing list, please contact Jim and Jerolyn here.

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