Jim and Jerolyn strongly believe in a forever marriage. A marriage that is one man and one woman that say we are in a non-negotiable, bomb-proof, never-ending, no one, no-how coming between us, I will grow old with you in the nursing home, I will stand by you in a wealthy country club or in the soup line, stuck to you, laughing and crying with you forever and forever kind of covenantal marriage. That is the kind of marriage that is completely surrendered to Scripture and the design that God had for marriages.

Through our marriage, we strive to build a legacy not only for our own children, but for everyone we come in contact with. We hope to demonstrate the kind of committed, loving relationship that all marriages can have and present a positive influence in their marriages.

Our ministry focuses on vision and values to drive your marriage. We spend months working on our vision for our businesses, but no time thinking of what is our vision for our marriage. But that vision and the accompanying shared values are what will keep you moving forward in a strong bond through good times and bad. You will be developing a marriage with purpose, hope and a legacy.

Jim and Jerolyn can offer help for your marriage in a variety of ways.


Faith Legacy for Couples: Seven Values to Shape Your Marriage. Jim and Jerolyn’s newly released book will guide you through what it means to have a covenantal marriage, taking a Faith Legacy Marriage trip together, establishing a vision and values for your marriage, and ways to live out those values.

Marriage Legacy Conferences: Friday night and Saturday sessions on building a Legacy Marriage will give you time together to look at what your marriage is needing and take the time to build the values together.

Marriage Coaching: Jim and Jerolyn will contract with you and your spouse for 6-12 months of coaching. They will partner with you throughout each month to make a so-so marriage stronger and a strong marriage even more dynamic.


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