In today’s market, many corporations, and individuals, are finding it increasingly challenging to find the most effective way to identify, develop, and implement “priorities.”

Our Mission: To help individuals, go beyond levels of success, to living a life and leaving a legacy of significance.  Most individuals spend more time at work than they do at home.  But the environment at home significantly influences the outcomes at work.  It’s for this reason we’ve created an opportunity for businesses to invest in their employees while improving their contributions corporately by positively influencing the family.  A healthy home promotes a more effective workplace.

We will specifically help you write a “business plan” for your family with values being emphasized such as integrity, positive attitude, honest communication, and other key family values. We also include personal and life coaching as a part of our program.

Coaching- We will provide ongoing coaching for you, and/or any employees, you contract with us. We will provide a work/life balance to focus on family priorities by establishing and implementing vision and values. We will walk beside you, coaching you, to accomplish these goals. (Basic coaching starts at $250 and can increase based on time and involvement, per month, per client. Packages available for multiple clients in one company).

Coaching increases productivity…

  • 788% on ROI for executives getting coaching personally.
  • 400% in the value of training.
  • 99% in leadership effectiveness, for coached executives, as identified by those observing them.

Conferences-We will provide a 1-3 day interactive motivational conference/seminar tailored to your company. We also have available one-session motivational talks (such as a general or main sessions), seminars, and breakouts for conferences and corporate gatherings. (Pricing varies on days and times needed by corporation).

Consulting- This would be a combination of the above coaching/conferences. We will meet with, counsel, and provide direction in the above areas based on the desired outcomes your business chooses. (Pricing varies based on needs of the business).

Jim and Jerolyn Bogear are motivational communicators who inspire and impact organizations and businesses to soar higher than ever before. Jim Bogear: B.S. – Indiana Wesleyan University. M.A. – Ball State University. Certified Coach. Jerolyn Bogear: A.B. – Indiana Wesleyan University. Certified Coach.

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It’s our mission, to partner with you, to help you go beyond success and find significance.  Learning to live and leave a legacy of significance!!!