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Recently, some girlfriends and I were discussing the motivationless days of summer. Yes, I just made up a new word. But it fits. You know what I’m talking about. Kids are out of school. The days are too hot. All you want to do is go to the pool with a good book or hit the golf course. It’s the time for vacations, 4th of July, and fun in the sun. And after the winter that most of our nation had this year, the pull towards sunshine and ice cream is even greater.

So how should we face our summertime with our children? They have the same temptations being away from the structure of school that we have. We, as parents, need to model how to remain productive while enjoying some of the perks of summer.

Here are a few thoughts on a fun, memory-building summer:

Plan a family vacation: Do something. Go on a big trip or a short one, but plan some time away as a family. You need to take a break from routine once in a while and the summer is a great time for it. Have fun and live in the moment. You will create precious memories.

Plan occasional day trips: Become a tourist of your area. There are many festivals and special days in the towns around you. Maybe you just go to family movie night in the park. Enjoy what your area provides and much of it is for little money. Check out your library and the local parks and recreation service. Many churches will have a week of Vacation Bible School in the summer. Grab the neighborhood kids and join the fun.

Work in the yard together: Plant a garden or trim the roses. Maybe put in a water feature together. But whatever it is, include the kids. It will not only teach them how to do something, but they will take pride in being a part of the finished project.summer-fun-girl-sunglasses-inflatable-pool

Play in your yard together: I remember as a kid my brother and I loved getting the garden hose out and spraying each other. But if you have a pool, that works, too. Make your own slip and slide with a long piece of rubber sheeting and some water. And on the cooler evenings, lawn darts or giant dice can make for fun play. We even just love having dinner together on our patio and recently bought an old fashion-looking ice cream maker so we can continue the traditions of our childhood with our kids now.

Read a summer book together: With it staying darker later into the evening, it can be difficult to get the kids to go to bed. Try reading a novel for the summer as a family. Everyone in their pajamas and snuggled under the covers with a soothing story time will help them to go to sleep. Some of our favorites are The Swiss Family Robinson and The Chronicles of Narnia. At breakfast the next day, ask your children questions about the story from the night before. You will be surprised at the discussions you will end up having.

Summer can be fun or stressful depending on your attitude. But be purposeful about the time out of school while still letting them be kids. Don’t miss these opportunities to enjoy your children as much as you can.

What are you doing to build memories with your children this summer?

~ Jim and Jerolyn


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