Easter – A Father’s Sacrifice

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Jesus on the cross


We were on the snow and life was good. Our kids, who had learned to ski, were now learning to snowboard.

Shay, our son, who is now fairly accomplished on the snowboard, was 10. Gabby, our youngest, came over to me at the bottom of the snow bunny hill, and said, “Shay fell and hurt himself.”

When we got him to the hospital clinic there in Truckee, we found out that he had broken his wrist in two places, both the radius and ulna. Fortunately the doctor was world-renowned and had worked on and repaired Olympic skiers. In other words, he knew what he was doing.

After we x-rayed the damage, he had me walk in with he and Shay into a room while our family sat in the waiting area. He said we could wait and have it set back in Sacramento but his concern was that it might not heal properly.

His recommendation? For him to grab a hold of the wrist and attempt to “snap” the bones back in place so when they healed they would do so correctly. If not, Shay might always have problems due to improper healing. He happened to play baseball and that was extra cause for concern that the wrist would not heal properly.

So, it made sense and sounded good, until…the doctor said, “Dad,” (that would be me), “I need you to hold your son down on the table because I need to hold his arm secure against my hip and ‘yank’ the bones into position.” I am not kidding.

I remember as if it were yesterday, as I held my son firmly on the table (I am getting emotional typing this as I relive it again), while the doctor grabbed his arm, placed it firmly against his thigh and “yanked” the wrist into position. Shay screamed in pain and writhed, while I pressed down more firmly to hold him still, all the time looking into my eyes as if to say, “Why, Dad? What are you doing to me?”

The story doesn’t end there as the doctor x-rayed the wrist and said it wasn’t quite right. We would need to do it again. Three x-rays and three total attempts of “snapping” the bones in his wrist while I held him down later, it was good. Shay healed fine thanks to the doctor who knew what he was doing.

It is Easter. I relate that story as a dad, which reminds me in some small way of what God the Father did for us. He allowed His Son to suffer and hang on the cross for our good. It was as if He held Him there for us. He could have “saved” Him and stopped all this cruelty, but God, our Father, knew what was best and was willing to allow Christ to suffer and die for our good. When Jesus cried out “My God, My God, why have You forsaken me,” it was as if He looked up into the eyes of our Father and said “Why?” Although Christ knew and was willing, it was also the sacrifice of our Heavenly Father knowing best and willingly allowing His one and only to die for you and me.

Easter rejoiceIt doesn’t make sense to me in my human brain. It didn’t make sense to those around the cross wondering what God was doing, but He knew, and for that we can be healed and whole. For that we can and should be thankful. God loves us and cares for us more than we love and care for ourselves. Allow this Easter to be celebrated not in wondering why but in amazing wonderment of thankfulness. The best news is Easter, and that Christ did not simply die, but was raised from the dead and is ALIVE for you and me. Happy Easter. He is Risen!


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