Christmas in Our Relationships

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The lights are no longer twinkling. The music is gone along with our waistline. Under the tree is bare, unless the tree has already been de-decorated and thrown to the curb. The beautiful holiday of Christmas is over, but the lessons of the season do not have to stop.

Question: How do we perpetuate Christmas in our relationships?

I suppose we must begin with how does Christmas enhance our relationships?

We are purposeful in our time together. We take the time to fly or drive to see family. And while we are together we enjoy each other’s company doing things we love to do. It may be traditional activities, such as, baking cookies, seeing the lights, and attending Christmas services and programs. Or maybe you just do things together you love to do – shopping, hunting, snow fun, puzzles, football, etc. Whatever your family is doing, the key is that you are doing it together and creating memories.

Nativity-29Kindness abounds. At Christmas time we tend to be more generous with others because that is the attitude of the season. Maybe we are kinder to our family members or co-workers. Maybe we are more generous in giving to non-profit organizations to help out those who have less than we do. Our view of the world and other people opens up to see the value of others and appreciate them more.

We remember that Christ humbled Himself for all mankind. The lights, trees, gifts and beautiful music is an annual reminder that God sent His Son to us. Our hearts are full with the power of that Love, and we are more compelled to share that love with others we meet. No one wants to see someone sad at Christmas time. But we have the power to share the greatest Love who ever lived – that of a sweet child born in Bethlehem.

So I return to my original question: How do we perpetuate Christmas in our relationships?

We spend purposeful time together. Plan your physical or virtual get-togethers now.

We treat others kindly. Live with a heart of generosity.

We share the powerful love of Jesus with others. Find ways to share our Lord with others.

We pray that you continue with the message of the season – The greatest Love came to show us how to love others. May we continue in that love throughout the coming year.

Merry Perpetual Christmas!

~Jim and Jerolyn

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