Marriage Values: Absolute Commitment & Unconditional Love, Part 2

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Check out Tuesday’s post for Part 1. Here we continue with some ideas on ways to remain committed to your spouse.

Never use the “D” word.

Divorce is never brought up, discussed, or even thought about in our house. It simply is not an option. We do not threaten each other with divorce. We do not contemplate the idea of divorce. It is not up for discussion. We are two people joined for eternity, through thick and through thin, when we are happy and when we are angry, when we love the other person but maybe not like them so much right now. But we will not walk out that door. We are in this for good.

View yourself realistically.

How many times do you dwell on your spouse’s faults? Once a week? Once a day? Once an hour? And how often do you dwell on your own faults? Understand, we see our spouse’s faults in living color staring at us every single day. We get angry over them. commitment pic 2Fret about them. Make them pay for their faults. But we each have our own imperfections that others have to live with and adjust to. So when we are focusing on our spouse’s faults, we need to stop and remember that they are living with a fallible person who needs improvements as well. We expect our spouse to accept us just as we are. We should afford them the same courtesy and unconditional love.

As a couple, we are on a journey that will have many ups and downs for us as a couple and as individuals. Some bumps in the road will be easy to overcome and some will be truly traumatic. But the great part is that we are facing those obstacles together.

This is by no means an exhaustive list on remaining committed to your spouse. So leave a comment and tell us your thoughts. How do you focus on an unbreakable marriage with absolute commitment and unconditional love?

~Jim and Jerolyn


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