One of the Greatest Gifts We Can Give Our Children

Oct 23, 2012 by

Gabby, our youngest, used to be notorious for squeezing in between Jerolyn, my wife, and me, whenever we would show any affection around the house. She would then progress to “That is gross!” or “Get a room.” if we simply hugged or slow danced for 30 seconds in the kitchen. When she was older, I finally started responding, “Hey, we have a whole house. You can go hang out with your friends.” She would still squeeze in between us and make it into what so many of us call an Oreo cookie hug. We loved it and laughed together.

Marriage should include showing our kids how much we love each other. Some day they are going to be gone (this youngest of ours has just left for college), and we want them to know that we are best friends, lovers, and thrilled to be together long after they begin life on their own.

We are convinced that one of the greatest gifts we can give our kids is a wonderful example of what a healthy, strong, vibrant, godly marriage is all about. We want them to know that we love each other, and that they, too, can have a marriage that is healthy, strong, and yes, romantic.


  • love on your wife.
  • Brag on your wife.
  • Show appropriate affection to her in front of the kids.
  • Celebrate her in front of the kids. Tell them that she is the most wonderful woman in the world, and you are thrilled you are hers for the rest of your days together on this earth. (BTW, do you believe and so it? I try to and need to continue to improve on this one).


  • do your kids know you are proud of their dad and thrilled to be called his wife?
  • Love on him.
  • Brag on him.
  • Celebrate in front of your kids something wonderful about your husband. Let them see you respect him and hold him up as the head of your home – the man you are proud to call “husband.”

Allow your kids to squeeze in the middle of the two of you making out in the kitchen and let them know that mom and dad love each other.

In what ways can you affirm your marriage in front of your children?


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