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In a five month span in 2017 our family has experienced a lot of transition. Jerolyn and I resigned a position, stepped out in a new business venture, and relocated some 2000 miles…temporarily to see where home base for our business should be located. At the same time, our youngest child also started a new position and moved several hundred miles. Our oldest and her family assumed a new position in ministry work while purchasing their first home. Finally, our son and middle child, well…they just purchased their first home. Jokingly, we said just buying a first home was the easiest transition of all of our changes.

We have always placed a high value on our family relationships, and these transitions have caused us to be even more intentional on making these family relationships stronger than ever before. Planning trips to be together, using technology to keep in touch and see one another, as well as, simple texts and calls help us to stay connected across three time zones. We are so thankful for technology to have video conference calls with our kids and grandkids. It’s not the same as being physically together, but it does get us closer than generations before us have had and helps our granddaughters remember, recognize, and even reach out to us via the screen.

Whether you are only a few blocks apart or separated by thousands of miles and multiple time zones, in what ways are you being more intentional to value, develop, and strengthen those family relationships?

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