A Tale of Two Mugs

Feb 24, 2014 by

2 mugs up close

Today, I made coffee and went like everyone else to grab a coffee mug; I reached up in the cupboard and stopped for a quick moment. A mug that we have had for a while caught my attention, so I chose to grab and use it instead of the one I had intended.

The mug was one that our son had given to his mom. It had the name of the company he used to work. It was a company that I too had worked for while going through undergraduate and graduate work. There will always be that common bond between Shay and I with this.

The mug caused me to spend some specific intercessory prayer for Shay, our son, and his wife, Haley. This was a designed extended time with God for prayer and study. It was a reminder for whatever reason that I was to focus on them today. Now, Jerolyn and I pray for our children everyday, but during certain seasons, which we all go through, God calls us to intensify specific prayer.

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