My Children Taught Me ….

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My girls have said for years that Shay, our son, is my favorite child. Well, of course I have vehemently denied that allegation. A mother equally loves all her children. No favorites.

But I started wondering what would make them say that. And then it occurred to me – Shay is the child God gave to comfort me after a miscarriage. He was born 11 months later. Therefore, I suppose he has always received a double portion of a mother’s love. And he continues to give me comfort through his heart for family, the power of his words when he speaks or writes spoken word, the integrity of hard work that marks his life. Even through his quiet strength.

I am amazed how God teaches something about Himself through our children. Through the gift of Shay, I experienced my Lord as my comforter.

So what did I learn about God from the other two?

Lauren is our firstborn. When we learned of her eminent arrival, we had just decided that I would attend graduate school, and we would wait to have children for six years. Hello! God had a different plan. I even tried to go to school after she was born and that didn’t work out. I decided baby now; school can come later. What did I learn about my Lord? He directs our lives if we will only pay attention. And His way is good. I was designed for a very specific purpose and those paths I was choosing were not it.

So then there is Gabrielle Esther, our baby. From the time she could first really talk, she has made us laugh. She is truly one of the funniest people I know. And she revealed to me the delight of my Father. We love to laugh because He created laughter. Therefore, He must laugh, too. Won’t it be fun one day to hear the Father laugh? And what do you think He sounds like?

Comfort, design, and laughter. Three beautiful truths about my Lord delivered through three beautiful people. There are so many more aspects of our Lord I have learned through my children, but these are the ones I am thankful for today.

Revelations about our Father are revealed all around us every day if we just pay attention. What a blessing to receive those glimpses of our Lord through our children.

What have you learned from your children?

~ Jim and Jerolyn

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