When You Wonder “Why?”

Dec 24, 2017 by

When You Wonder “Why?”

During this advent season, Jim and I went to church and heard a sermon on God shining his light into our lives. However, as He so often does, there was a different part of the sermon that made an impact on me. (I guess that was how God chose to shine His light for me that day.)

Our pastor pointed out how confusing Christ’s birth must have been for Mary. Here she was:

  • a virgin
  • close to being married
  • giving birth in a stable of all places
  • and visited by shepherds – some of the lowest of the low in society

And then he asked this question for Mary:

Why did God choose to do it this way?

Theologically, I can answer that question. But at the time, it hit me personally.

You see, over the past months, Jim and I have been going through a major life change. After we sensed God calling us to leave our church of 17 years and move out of our community of 22 years and start a new business, we set out on an adventure. Not sure where we should live, we have been “trying out” an area. (Currently, Indianapolis, Indiana) Over the past nine months we have lived for 2 months with my brother and sister-in-law, 4 months in a furnished one bedroom apartment, and just finishing up 3 months in an Air BNB house. Next we will be living in another house in another state for the first 2 months of the year and then we don’t know exactly where we are going.

At the same time, we are working to build a business which has ups and downs of its own.

Now here me, I’m not depressed or discouraged. If fact, I enjoy living a faith-filled life out on a limb. Let us say that we are thankful for the contracts and work we have received for 2018 and are truly enjoying the adventure. We are genuinely excited with anticipation for what is to come. God continues to deliver on His promises and is working on our behalf.

But some days I do ask God, why did you choose to do it this way? This whole process could have been a lot smoother. He could have told us exactly where to live, and we could have contracts overflowing in our inbox.

But I was reminded on Saturday night, God doesn’t always provide an easy way, but He does provide a way, and He does it for a very specific reason. God doesn’t make mistakes. And if He chose to send His one and only Son to earth in such a difficult and unusual way, then who am I to expect to have everything handed to me on a silver platter?

God doesn’t always provide an easy way, but He does provide a way,

and He does it for a very specific reason.

Maybe you are going through some questions of your own where you can’t understand why God would choose to do it this way.

  • You don’t have employment or are stuck in a dead-end, unfulfilling job;
  • You have a wayward child who can’t seem to find their way;
  • Your relationship is on rocky ground;
  • You don’t know what your next step is;
  • You’ve been trying and trying, but seem to go no where;
  • You’ve lost a loved one and are feeling lost and broken.

Maybe, you simply need to see this from a heavenly perspective rather than from where you are.

God’s way is right – always (Jesus had to be born of a virgin so there was no doubt of Him being divinely conceived.)

We are not promised all our wants – only all our needs (The Christ-child still had shelter. It was not in a palace or even in an inn. But Mary and the child found warmth and protection in a humble stable.) In Isaiah God does promise, “I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the wasteland.” We claim this to be true even now as we walk in faith.

He came to earth for all mankind – that is what is important. (Shepherds were the lowest of the low. But God chose to reveal His gift to mankind to them first. Our focus should be on the eternal Kingdom, not on our earth-bound perspective.)

So what can we do about our circumstances?

Live thankful. No matter your circumstance, there is always something to be thankful for. I’m amazed at how some people who are in the worst situations of life find ways to be thankful and joyful.

Stay Positive. You can choose to accept the negatives and lean into the positives. Then you can tackle your circumstances from a position above them rather than below.

Serve Others. True significance is lived out in serving others and helping lift their life in some way.

God may not be moving in your life the way you anticipated that He would, but He is at work. You can still remain present and active in that journey.

Merry Christmas and Live a Legacy!

~ Jerolyn and Jim

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Giving Tuesday!

Nov 30, 2015 by


Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, but the most beneficial and life changing is Giving Tuesday.

Although it still is much about the hustle at Christmas, getting all we want from our Christmas list, and finding the deals for “us”, we are beginning to see a shift in our Christmas “gifting.” I (Jim) am a gift giver and if I could give first to my wife, and then to our children and grandchildren the world. I would. I love it and want to bless them with all. That isn’t always for the best, and I am learning this. But I simply love Christmas, and like so many others, really am a kid at Christmas. Okay, I am probably like a kid most of the time, but there is something wonderful about Christmas and all that goes with it.

We are learning ourselves to give more away to others rather than spending all on ourselves. One of our family core values is Generosity! We have modeled and taught this to our own children, as well as, many others as we write and speak. You can read more about our family values by clicking here. We are wanting to give more away to help others and bless them to experience the joy of Christ’s love and having a Christmas.

So with all the black and cyber days to buy for ourselves and loved ones, let’s remember and begin to create another tradition of GivingTuesday!

Our denomination has offered 5 different opportunities for us to give. See the link below. There are many other ways as well. In fact our local church does a variety of things to help us serve and bless others. Just find a way to give to others and express the value of Generosity by participating in Giving Tuesday. We invite you to join us and many others to help those around the world or right in your neighborhood. Whether it is on GivingTuesday or some other time during Christmas, we encourage you to be generous and give to others.

For God so loved the world that he GAVE His one and only Son… let’s live this out to share and show the love of Christ this Christmas season.


Merry Christmas!

Jim and Jerolyn Bogear

Legacy C3

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Happy Birthday, Jesus!!!!!

Dec 24, 2014 by

Christmas 2014

 ~ Jim and Jerolyn

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Repost: Traditions

Dec 2, 2014 by


Now I absolutely love traditions, especially when it comes to Christmas time. They help us to share moments together with our families, live out life together, and give us memories of those special times with special people. Traditions are such connecting, memory-making, and relationship-building times.

Traditions give us something to hang on to, give us those spaces and places to laugh, love, and live together as God designed and desires. Traditions give us those occasions and events to remember those closest to us, as well as, those in our past with whom we shared life. And helps us tie generations together relationally.

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Christmas in Our Relationships

Dec 26, 2013 by

family christmas

The lights are no longer twinkling. The music is gone along with our waistline. Under the tree is bare, unless the tree has already been de-decorated and thrown to the curb. The beautiful holiday of Christmas is over, but the lessons of the season do not have to stop.

Question: How do we perpetuate Christmas in our relationships?

I suppose we must begin with how does Christmas enhance our relationships?

We are purposeful in our time together. We take the time to fly or drive to see family. And while we are together we enjoy each other’s company doing things we love to do. It may be traditional activities, such as, baking cookies, seeing the lights, and attending Christmas services and programs. Or maybe you just do things together you love to do – shopping, hunting, snow fun, puzzles, football, etc. Whatever your family is doing, the key is that you are doing it together and creating memories.

Nativity-29Kindness abounds. At Christmas time we tend to be more generous with others because that is the attitude of the season. Maybe we are kinder to our family members or co-workers. Maybe we are more generous in giving to non-profit organizations to help out those who have less than we do. Our view of the world and other people opens up to see the value of others and appreciate them more.

We remember that Christ humbled Himself for all mankind. The lights, trees, gifts and beautiful music is an annual reminder that God sent His Son to us. Our hearts are full with the power of that Love, and we are more compelled to share that love with others we meet. No one wants to see someone sad at Christmas time. But we have the power to share the greatest Love who ever lived – that of a sweet child born in Bethlehem.

So I return to my original question: How do we perpetuate Christmas in our relationships?

We spend purposeful time together. Plan your physical or virtual get-togethers now.

We treat others kindly. Live with a heart of generosity.

We share the powerful love of Jesus with others. Find ways to share our Lord with others.

We pray that you continue with the message of the season – The greatest Love came to show us how to love others. May we continue in that love throughout the coming year.

Merry Perpetual Christmas!

~Jim and Jerolyn

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