Praying With Your Children…not just for them

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This week our son, Shay, once again had shoulder surgery. The first shoulder surgery, a few years ago, did not correct the problem. We are praying this one works as the doctor indicated clearly there were still problems from when Shay tore his labrum.

His mom was able to be with him and assist as needed since they are living in the area, and Haley, his wife, is out of the country.

I was privileged to simply pray with Shay before he left the house. He is still and always will be “my boy” no matter how old and big and strong he gets. It reminded me again of this privilege of not only being a parent but also praying over and with our kids.

Maybe this is just for me, but I would invite you to lean over my shoulder and listen in to the lesson I was reminded again of praying with and for our kids:

1. Pray for our children.

There have been many nights when I would awake and walk the house. I would stop and pray at the doorway, laying hands on the doors of the bedrooms of our children praying specifically for each of them.

We recently shared a blog about this that had some great ways in which other friends of ours chose what to pray for their children. They said it well so we simply agree and learn along with you, but only note how important it is to be praying for your children every day! And let them know you are praying for them. They like to hear it even though they already know it. If they don’t, it is a great thing for you to share with them.

2. Pray with our children.

Praying with and praying over your children are two different things. Our kids see and learn much from our actions. We have chosen to not only pray for our kids but also pray in front of and with them. We wanted this to become a regular, expected thing in our home. Part of our discussions with them would be to stop and discuss with God. It was more than praying at a meal or even bedtime, which are both good and beneficial. We wanted it to be more than ritual but rather about cultivating a relationship with God, teaching them the importance and power of prayer, and having them see and hear us pray for and with them.

We are more convinced than ever that as parents we are to be the number 1 disciple-makers of our children. Praying for and with them is another great way to disciple. We celebrate you as parents and commend you on doing great in what is one of the hardest “jobs” we know.

When, and how, do you pray with your children?

How do you teach them about prayer and its importance?

How do they “see you in action’ with prayer and not just hear about it?

~ Jim and Jerolyn Bogear


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