What is the Most Important Parenting Action?

Oct 20, 2014 by

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We talk a lot about ways to raise your children – establishing a vision for your family – establishing a list of values – training your children in these values – modeling the values for your children, etc. But today is about the most important action you can take to help your children grow into the healthy, loving, productive adults we all want them to be.

Sometimes you resort to this activity when you are at your wits end and have no idea what else to do. But this is something you should be doing at least once a day for your child.


We have direct access to the Almighty and His power and influence in our children’s lives. What greater thing can we do for them than lift them to the Almighty and His care.

Below are two lists from friends of ours who recently posted how they pray for their children. We couldn’t have written better lists.

Jim Dunn:

  • Lord, give them and protect a deeper, daily relationship with you.
  • Use them for your purposes to grow your kingdom here on earth and in heaven.
  • Guard over their hearts and minds as others continue teach them.
  • Guide them in their friendships, including the one they will potentially unite with in marriage.
  • Keep them pure.
  • May they tangibly experience your grace and truth every day.
  • Help them show the grace of Jesus always.
  • Help them stand for the truth of Jesus always.
  • Help them know that older generations believe in them as church leaders.
  • May they always walk with and serve you with gladness.
  • Amen!

Pam Terrill Williams:

  1. Their salvation.
    2. Their future mate, his/her salvation, his/her parents.
    3. That they would fall in love with God’s word.
    4. That God would keep them from evil.
    5. That their character would be more valuable to them than their credentials.
    6. That they would stand up for what is right even if it means standing alone.
    7. That they would be kept morally pure.
    8. That they would have the heart of a servant.
    9. That sin would always be distasteful to them.
    10. That they would love each other.
    11. That they would trust God with us- their parents and not allow rebellion in their hearts.
    12. Regardless the hardship, that they may never become bitter against God.

How do you pray for your children?

~Jim and Jerolyn

Jim Dunn is executive director of Church Multiplication and Discipleship for The Wesleyan Church. http://www.wesleyan.org/2534/the-next-generation-for-jesus

Pam Terrill Williams: This was posted on Facebook. Pam is a pastor’s wife in Oklahoma.




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