The Most Important Element in a Marriage

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I recently Googled “relationship problems” and laughed out loud when a link to an article on WebMD popped up titled, “7 Solutions That Can Save a Relationship.” WebMD, really? They are in the relationship business now? Then I read the article.

They actually had some really good things to say.

You can read it for yourself here. But I will give you the 7 areas discussed:

  • Communication
  • Sex
  • Money
  • Struggles Over Home Chores
  • Not Making Your Relationship a Priority
  • Conflict
  • Trust

Frankly, in each of these categories they had some good things to say and some great strategies to implement. But they forgot one area – God.

Without our relationship with the heavenly Father, all other relationships will be attempted with a self-centered mindset. We will have times we think of our spouse, but in most cases, I’m the number one priority. There are just too many pressures in our daily life and too many temptations the enemy throws at us for us not to succumb to this way of thinking.

Spending time with the Father re-balances our thinking – puts everything back into place. Our hearts are softer, our love more focused, and our relationships with others are sweeter. You see, the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives rounds our sharp edges to make us more like Christ.

This isn’t a one-stop-shopping to make that transformation happen. It’s daily, sometimes moment-by-moment, coming before the Father to seek guidance, strength, and renewal. That’s how great marriage partners are formed and why they can last for years and years.

Follow the WebMD strategies; they will help your marriage. But start at the throne of the Almighty first. He will bind you together with chords that cannot be broken.

~Jim and Jerolyn



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