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back to school

I’ve been seeing my friends getting in their last minute vacations, and the neighborhood children have been outside playing a lot. All precursors to school beginning again. I thought this would be a good time to repost this blog on how to prepare for the new school year well. I have added one more section to the post and made it a 2-parter. I know these posts will give you some useful ideas. Make it a great year! ~Jerolyn


Summer is coming to a close. While the heat continues throughout the country, vacations are coming to an end. Moms are putting away the swimming suits and dad’s are winterizing the boat and camper. Department stores are flooded with frantic parents searching out the right glue sticks and #2 pencils. Children are in dressing rooms begrudgingly trying on uniforms that will be their main wardrobe for the next nine months. It’s that time of year again – the beginning of school.

While the new school year brings many challenges – kids adjusting to waking up earlier, parents adjusting to waking up earlier, and making lunches that your children will eat and not trade away – it is also a “new beginning” time for some great changes in your family life.

We homeschooled through most of our children’s education, however, they were in public school for 3 years. Not having them with me all the time, we had to be very deliberate in how we discipled our children throughout the school year. When you compare the hours of the day they spend with us and the hours they spend in school, we parents are on the short end of the stick. So what are some ways to capitalize on that precious time with our children?

1. Be Prepared: I know when I am rushed in the morning, I can tend to set the tone for the whole family. So I need to be sure I have gotten enough sleep, have planned what everyone is going to wear, and awakened myself and everyone else early enough to get done what needs to be done. It’s a very simple principle, but one where we stumble right out of the gate if we don’t get it right. Here is where the old scout motto of Be Prepared definitely comes in handy.HAL

2. Be Proactive: Know what your children are going through each day to know how to address potential problems. One of the best exercises I’ve every heard is Highs and Lows. While you are having dinner, begin going around the table sharing your “low” of the day and your “high” of the day. But don’t just leave it there. Ask your child what made that event a low or high. If appropriate, continue with some probing questions such as, How did that make you feel? How could you prevent/encourage that  happening in the future? Use these as teachable moments, but it may also help you understand their evening mood better or address an issue with their teacher. And Parents, don’t forget to voice your Highs and Lows for the day as well. Your children need to know you face both each day and see how you handle them.

On Thursday, we will post 2 more suggestions for getting ready for the new school year! Don’t miss it. Scroll back to the top right and sign up for our email blog alerts.

~Jim and Jerolyn


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