3 Ways You Should Be Caring For Your Spouse

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This is our church’s week for Vacation Bible School. Every year, each day of VBS, I greet the children and parents as they enter the building. This year’s theme has a secret spy agency. So one of the props the team created was a “metal detector” that is strips of gray plastic cloth that the kids have to walk through. As people arrive, I tell the children to pass through the “metal detector” before they can go into the agency.

On the first day a grandpa and grandma brought their two grandchildren to VBS. I said my regular spiel about walking through the “metal detector.” Suddenly, the grandma turns around, looks at her husband and says pretty strongly, “I don’t think you can come in.” Then she looks at me and explains, “He has a pace maker.”

Our son, Shay, a fellow greeter looked at me. We were both trying to decide if she was joking or not. She wasn’t joking. We assured her that it was pretend, and they went on in. After checking the children into their groups, they came back to the front door laughing about the whole incident. I looked at this sweet older woman and said, “You’re just so used to taking care of him, aren’t you?” To which she replied, “Thirty-eight years.”

How quick are we to take care of our spouse?

Now if you are young, you probably don’t think about it too much. Not many pacemakers in the under 60 group. But there are other ways we need to “take care” of our spouse. Here are a few:

breakfast in bedSpiritually: Periodically ask your spouse what God is teaching them. Where are they currently reaching in the Word? What passage stands out in their mind? Are they getting enough time along with God? How can you pray for them?

Physically: What do we need to do to improve our diet? How should we increase our exercise? Am I meeting your needs sexually?

Emotionally: How can I better show you my love? What do I do that makes you feel special? How can I help you in your responsibilities to lessen your load?

Caring for each other is one of the greatest aspects of love. Having another human being who wants to know you are well. Who is looking out for your best interest. That is true love.

What are other ways we can care for our spouse?

~ Jim and Jerolyn


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