Marriage Value: Playful Humor, Part 2

Apr 2, 2014 by

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On Tuesday, we introduced the idea of playful humor. Today, let’s look at some ways to incorporate humor and joy into your marriage. Just remember as we talk about humor, you need to be sure you know your spouse’s sense of humor. You don’t want to offend them in the process of trying to make them laugh.

Humor really is going to happen in three different areas – being silly, sharing humorous situations, and taking your self less seriously.

1. Being Silly: When was the last time you just let go and were silly with your spouse?

  • Dancing together in the kitchen while waiting for water to boil.
  • Having a tickle fest
  • Hide behind a door to scare them. (Okay, be sure your spouse doesn’t mind being scared. This could go badly for you.)
  • Do something totally unexpected for your personality.
  • Text silly pictures to your spouse.

2. Sharing humorous situations:

  • Watching a comedy together – movie or TV. Or even a video; people post them on Facebook and YouTube all the time.
  • Read the comics or a funny book together.
  • Go to a comedy club to see a comedian.
  • Tell stories about something you did in your childhood that was funny.

3. Taking your self less seriously: We can become so prideful that when we mess up, we become defensive in our embarrassment.

Instead, laugh at yourself…lol

  • When you trip and fall.
  • Slip up on the words you were trying to say.
  • You are looking for your glasses and your spouse points out to you that they are on your head.
  • You did something stupid at work today.

We have many serious events and situations in our life every day. It is so refreshing and healthful when we take the time to laugh. And laughing with your spouse creates a special bond. You always become closer to those with whom you experience true joy. That someone really needs to be your spouse. You probably laughed a lot when you were dating. Rekindle the magic of those moments every day and your relationship will stay fresh and young.

What did you laugh about with your spouse today?

~Jim and Jerolyn

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