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Now there are all kinds of anniversary gifts, but some just go beyond all else. Some gifts are so extravagant and over the top, like a real giraffe. I am just curious, what do you really do with a real giraffe, no matter how much money you have? Some are embarrassingly wrong and do not register much on the love meter. Those items that men have been known to give to their wives such as a vacuum cleaner. Yes, some may like these, but when it comes to anniversary gifts, I recently read of a winner.

His name is Phillip Horn, and happens to be an executive for the NBA Sacramento Kings professional basketball team. This is not the only story of its kind. It celebrates not only this couple but others who have done the same. The article title was, “Sacramento Kings’ top executive gives wife gift of a lifetime.”

You see his wife, Danea, was born with one kidney and had fought a disorder since birth that among other things affects the kidneys.

Horn said, “It was a no brainer,” when asked about the anniversary gift. He’s giving her a kidney. Horn goes on to say, “Usually we go to a nice place for our October anniversary. This time it was from a hospital bed, yet it will likely be the most memorable place of them all. People are always looking for that gift that money can’t buy and this is definitely one.” (Stark, Monica, “Sacramento Kings’ top executive gives wife gift of a lifetime.” The Land Park News [Sacramento] October 10, 2013: Pp. 18-19. Print.)

So this isn’t a contest or competition, rather a reminder of the value of sacrifice for someone you love. What are you honestly willing to do for a spouse, family member, or friend? So often we complain about what we are not getting out of a relationship rather than asking what can we do to give significantly to a relationship. Many of us may never be able to give an organ to someone, but the value is what are you willing to sacrifice for a relationship?

In something totally different and yet still a sacrificial act of love: Today I witnessed a husband take care of the most basic needs for his wife as she literally has days remaining here on this earth.  They really were committed to death do us part. It was such a demonstration of love.

Specifically as it relates to marriage, what unique ways can you find to demonstrate and communicate love to your spouse? What are you willing to do to put your spouse’s needs above yours? It may never be something life giving like an organ, but there are many simple things we can do to show our spouse the genuine love we should have for each other. It may be as simple as spending time with them on their favorite activity, helping with a project, or watching a movie or TV show they like. It may be doing something for them that they routinely do but honestly don’t care to do.

  • What needs to do you and I need to be meeting rather than selfishly looking for our needs to be met?
  • What can you find to express your love to your spouse in a sacrificial way?
  • When is the last time you took the time and effort to make an authentic love statement by acting in a generous manner or loving way?
  • When will you do so next?

“To say that you love me is sweet music to my ears and speaks to my heart. To show how much you love me touches my soul.”

~ Jim


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