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Several years ago when the kids were small, we were visiting my brother and sister-in-law in Ohio. One day while I was watching my nephew’s baseball game, our two oldest, Lauren and Shay, were playing tag in the beautiful park in which the ball field sat. Giant oaks filled the park with wonderful places to escape from being tagged. Suddenly a piercing scream filled the park.  It was my son. When I got to Shay, blood was pouring from his face. He had been running full-tilt from his sister. Turned to look back to see where she was. Then turned forward again to meet an oak tree head on.

Someone handed me a towel to wipe the blood away, and I bent over to look up his nose since that is where I thought the blood was coming from. Unfortunately, what I saw was his upper lip laid open like a raw piece of beef. I quickly covered that up and got him to the truck to head to the hospital.

I sat on the slim, back bench of the pickup truck with Shay’s head on my lap. The poor thing could not lie still nor stop moaning. Finally, I said, “Shay, do you want me to pray for you?” A sweet little voice came back with a simple, “Yes.”

I prayed for the pain to be gone and for peace over Shay. I also prayed for the doctors who would take care of him and for safe travel to the hospital.

As soon as I said amen, Shay went completely still. Fearing that he could have a concussion, I kept asking him if he was awake? He was just so quiet and calm. Again, he simply responded, “Yes.” There was such a surety that all would be well, that his body, mind, and heart were completely at peace.

The rest of the experience – exam, shot (he never knew it happened) and stitches went smoothly and painlessly.

As I reflect back on that experience, I can’t help but remember the amazing peace that came over Shay after we prayed. And I am so thankful that we had taught our son the power of prayer.

You see, our children need to know three things:

  1. That their parents pray.
  2. That they can pray themselves.
  3. And that there is amazing power in prayer.

That day our son experienced the power of Jehovah Jireh, our provider. Since then Shay has learned many other lessons about prayer other than as a call for help.

In Prayer…

  • God counsels
  • He Disciplines
  • we build a relationship with the Almighty.
  • we need to listen.
  • we can experience tremendous power in His presence.
  • we can experience His abiding love.
  • we grow and become more like Him the more time we spend with Him.
  • He is jealous of our time and wants to be in communion with us.
  • we learn in the silence and solitude to listen for His voice.

As parents, we have the ability and responsibility to introduce our children to the amazing power and peace of prayer with the Almighty. We shouldn’t wait for a pastor or Sunday school teacher to do it. We need to train them in making that space to listen in solitude and to commune with the Father.

What are you teaching your children about prayer?

~ Jerolyn

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