Blog Repost: Creating a Dynasty in Our Home

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“What these boys don’t understand is, I can beat you both ways, physically and meta-physicallyJ.” Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty (The History Channel).

That is just one of the great lines from Uncle Si; he seems to steal the show most of the time. I, Jerolyn, say if Uncle Si and Jase ever leave the show, I am done watching.

We are talking about the show Duck Dynasty. Ever seen it? It has become one of the top two downloaded cable shows ever. Some people say they just don’t get it. I, Jim, understand and would have agreed with those who have only watched a few minutes. I did that in the first season and thought what goofballs, but as we chose to watch an entire episode together, at the encouragement of a couple of friends, we were hooked.

Now, like any show, it is not for everyone. I, Jerolyn, like sci-fi and I, Jim, really do not care for it generally. Hey guys, a freebie here, I do watch some of it with her because she likes it…if you need more explanation, you need more than a hint to do something just because she likes itJ…it is called counseling, and quick!

But, back to Duck Dynasty, one of the things we absolutely love about the show is the end where they talk about family, the priority and importance of family, and pray around the dinner table together.

No matter what happens in the show — how frustrated they get with each other or how far out someone seems to be (see any episode with Uncle Si telling a storyJ) or how different in the ways they think — they agree that family is a priority and nothing gets in the way of family. Work it out; figure it out; put up with them; but at the end of the day, love and live in healthy ways with your family.

We strongly believe in family values…we write and speak about these regularly but first try to live them out. We attempt to model them long before we teach them. We agree with the philosophy of Duck Dynasty and the priority of family and the family values we need to live out, instill, and hand off to our children.

We have written out our family values, attempted to live them out, as well as train and instill these values in our own children. In fact we have and will continue to write about these values to hopefully help many other families do the same, and encourage us to parent with a purpose.

  • What are your family values?
  • In what ways do you live these out, communicate, and demonstrate that these are not simply perceived or intended values, but real values evident in your family?
  • How do you show that family is a priority?
  • We have chosen to identify by name our family core values, written them out with descriptions, and placed them on the wall of our home.
  • If you haven’t yet, how about starting today by beginning to process what your family values are and how to implement these?

~Jim and Jerolyn

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