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Oct 7, 2013 by

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As I sat on another flight waiting for us to finish boarding, the middle seat of our exit row was still open. Thy had said it was a full flight, so I was sure there would be someone about to walk down the ramp and into the aisle headed towards our row.

The possibility soon became a reality as one of the last people to board was the man who initially was only known as the guy who would fill the middle seat in our row. He was an airline pilot headed to his base location so he could work. As we talked he was literally going across the country…quite a commute.

I fly often enough to be comfortable with flying, little or no anxiety, and am still one of those that genuinely enjoys flying. But I must say there was something comforting about having someone trained and employed with the airline industry as a traveling companion. Sitting in the exit row and being asked if those of us sitting here can perform the duties if needed, I tend to scope out the others, to see if I believe they can actually do what they claim they can do in case of an emergency. Of course, I am confident I can, but on this flight the gentleman sitting by the window didn’t have my strongest vote of confidence. Probably a complete miss judge of “flyer character.”

Having this pilot riding next to me was like having a personal flight concierge, a traveling advisor.

On this journey of life, who do you and I have as a guide, mentor, coach, companion, who will travel alongside us and help make the journey better?Airplane-seats_evoo73

Who is the middle seat person in your life to build confidence or hold you accountable to soar in life? I am encouraging you to find more than one person. I trust, like on this flight, it is my entire row at least, on both sides of the aisle. I did look at those across the aisle and feel pretty good about my chances in case of any emergency. But who would be that one, or just a few, that will encourage, support, assist, instruct, correct, develop you to become better?

Just a few short days ago my wife, Jerolyn, and I flew together. She is the best traveling companion, and partner, on this journey. I am confident in her, and she clearly makes me so much better. If married I trust that your first and best travel companion in life is your spouse. Thanks, Jerolyn. Love making this incredible journey with you!

  • Who else would you consider to be someone who makes you better and is there for you?

I hope I instill confidence in the people sitting next or near me on every flight. So allow me to reverse this and ask about you.

  • How are you at being that that person who sits next to another on the “flight of life” for others?
  • To whom can you be a traveling companion who adds value and helps your traveling partners to become the best?
  • Who needs you and how can you become better for them, to assist them, and be a trip advisor in their life?

If life really is all about relationships, and we are convinced it is, then commit to finding some “flying companions” to help us all soar higher.



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