Parenting Tips on Teaching Generosity: Part 2

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Last Tuesday we began to list the tips we give on teaching Generosity from our book, Faith Legacy: Six Values to Shape Your Child’s Journey. In a world where they will be encouraged to scrap and scrape their way to the top to get all they can for themselves, generosity is a trait that needs to be instilled early in their life. Here is the rest of that list.

Remember, parents, we must be models of these values for our children to see the “value” in them. More is caught than taught. So live this week generously.

Ages 2-5:

  • Read themed books on “helping others” to your children. Then demonstrate a helpful attitude at the playground or the store. Talk to them later about why you were generous in helping others.
  • Establish an “others first” policy for things like getting in line, playing with a toy, or telling a story.

Ages 6-10:

  • Establish money jars — tithes (10%), savings (50%), and spending (40%). Encourage your children to keep their eyes open for ways to bless others with their spending money.
  • At birthdays and Christmas or when donation bags come in the mail, have your child go through their belongings and pick out two or three nice things to give away.

Ages 11-17:

  • Help your child find a place to volunteer their time helping others and utilizing their talents for another’s benefit.


  • Always give more than is asked of you. Your children will see this trait in you.

In what ways do you train your children to be generous?

~Jim and Jerolyn

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