Parenting Tips on Teaching Generosity: Part 1

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The sixth value that our family lives by is Generosity. And we are not just talking about being generous with money and possessions, although that is included. We can also be generous with our time, talents, attitude, and in extending grace to others. Giving over and beyond in all we do shows the heart of God to those we come in contact with. Training your children to follow this same life of generosity just takes a little bit of intentionality. Here are some ideas on instilling this value into their lives:

Ages 2-5:

  • Establish play dates with other children. This way you can help your child learn the joy of sharing toys with friends.
  • Do not immediately answer to your child’s every whim. Children need to learn that they are not the center of everyone’s world. Others must be considered.

Ages 6-10:

  • Take your children with you when you volunteer or serve others. Let them help as much as they can.
  • Train your children in gifts and tithes.

Ages 11-17:

  • Take your children with you on mission trips.
  • Teach the principle of “rounding up.” If they owe someone money, instead of paying back the exact amount to the penny, round up. If they are asked to give two hours of their time to a task, instead they might give two and a half.


  • Fight selfishness. Demonstrate generosity with your money, time, and possessions — within your family and with others.

Next Tuesday, we will post the second half of this blog on Generosity.

~Jim and Jerolyn


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