Winning Where It Counts Most: Part 2

Jun 27, 2013 by


For Part 1 of this story, read Tuesday’s blog.

Mickelson played a tournament that, like usual, ended last Sunday, June 9. He did well and finished second. He flew home to California instead of heading east where the US Open is being played in Pennsylvania. He went to be with his family. Mickelson was home for their oldest child’s 8th grade graduation that was on Wednesday. He then took a red-eye flight Wednesday night and arrived early Thursday morning, headed to the golf course, and arrived about 1-½ hours before his tee time.

Now, let’s be clear on this…Mickelson has a private jet. He did not fly commercial. Some have indicated that made a difference. I am not here to debate the facts of whether he had good sleep or not; yes it was private jet. But the value he demonstrated is what I am wanting us to see. He still was NOT there earlier in the week focusing on his golf while his family was back home.

He prioritized what was important: significance, values, and family over success in his chosen career. Jerolyn and I often say if we don’t win with our family, we will never really win anywhere else, despite what others, or we, ourselves, may claim about our accomplishments. In other words, the priority of winning with our family precludes any other areas of our lives to win. We believe success without significance isn’t really true success at all.

Mickelson chose to stay at home to be with his family and celebrate his daughter’s 8th grade graduation. Let me ask a question here…what will his daughter remember? Mickelson chose to place his family as a priority and demonstrated this by choosing the schedule he did. He was willing to sacrifice something. I believe too often we sacrifice our family to gain accomplishment, rather than sacrificing our achievements for our family. Mickelson would not be guilty of the former on this occasion.

  • What is most valuable to Mickelson and speaks value to his family?
  • What value do you put on family? How do you demonstrate this or live it out?
  • For what do you want to be known?
  • What do you understand is the difference between success and significance?

Note: At the time of posting this, Mickelson finished second for a record 6th time in the US Open. I don’t know Phil, but I am guessing he would do exactly the same thing on his schedule again…if and when given the opportunity.



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