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Proverbs 31

Recently, in the span of nine days I have officiated 3 funerals and attended 1. One of those was a funeral for a mom on Mother’s Day weekend. That should cause us all to stop and reflect. So I ask a question particularly to women this time. How do you want to be remembered?

In light of this past weekend being Mother’s Day, I want to direct this to women. So many women have made such a positive impact on other’s lives, but what about you? Again I ask, how do you want to be remembered?

I think a woman of nobility and character is one who lives her life well above reproach and has a great reputation because she lives out a godly life. Proverbs 31 is a well-known scripture passage that talks about a woman of noble character. In our family we talk about what key values are for us, and how we make daily decisions in living these out? We write and speak about values for our parenting and our marriages. We believe in values and attempt to live these out on a daily basis.

My wife, Jerolyn, lives these out for which I wanted to recognize her and celebrate how she lives these values. I honor her as a woman of nobility. I am a blessed husband.

So allow me to take some things from Proverbs 31 that speaks to all women (and actually all men as well). This is not an all-inclusive list by any means, but 4 things I believe should be true of a woman of character:

  1. She is wise. She not only speaks wisdom, but her actions demonstrate that wisdom in how she handles life situations and opportunities.
  2. She is hard working. She is one who doesn’t kick back and expect everyone else to do something for her. She is the one initiates making things happen and gets the job, many jobs, done. Hard work is one of the sub-points in the value of Integrity we teach our children. We all need to understand this value but a woman of nobility lives it out.
  3. She is generous. She gives and gives not only material possessions but is generous in love, forgiveness, grace, and kindness. She is willing to sacrifice for herself so others will experience the benefits of her generosity.
  4. She is compassionate. This is similar but not the same as generosity. She is caring for the needs of the needy and willing to show compassion. Compassion isn’t just feeling sorry for someone but genuine compassion is meeting their needs, caring for them, and demonstrating a genuine concern for them by assisting them, loving them, and blessing them.

So, how do you want to be remembered? How will you make this a reality and live your life with purpose to be a woman (or man) of character? We will all be remembered for something, what will it be for you? You and I must live a legacy long before we ever hope to leave a legacy.

Don’t worry men, Father’s Day isn’t too far away.




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