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For many of us we are looking forward to the big game on Sunday…for many it will be about the party, the food, the people, and the commercials, which we understand is now over $4 million dollars for a 30-second commercial, and they have sold out, but we digress.

The big game for the NFL, known as the Super Bowl, is happening again and this time it pits two brothers against each other as coaches. As always several story lines but there was an article by Jeff Zreblec of The Baltimore Sun titled, Four events that turned the Ravens season on the path to the Super Bowl.

These “events,” or decisions, apply to our lives both personally and professionally. How do we learn from these 4 decisions to affect both leadership and life?

“How did the Ravens turn things around in time? Their postseason run can be traced back to four decisions made over the past six weeks.


1. Dec. 10: Ravens fire offensive coordinator Cam Cameron and replace him with quarterbacks coach Jim Caldwell.”

Leaders: When do we need to do the hard thing and make changes? Later Cam Cameron even stated that this was the best decision for the team.

“Cam Cameron says the Baltimore Ravens‘ decision to fire him as offensive coordinator was just what the team needed.

“It was a brilliant move,” Cameron told The New York Times. “Everyone on the team took a look in the mirror after that.” news services January 25, 2013, 8:19 AM ET

Personally: what evaluation and hard decisions to change do we need to make to become all God desires and designed?

2. “Jan. 2: Middle linebacker Ray Lewis tells his teammates and then the media that he’s retiring at the end of the season.

Perhaps, too much has been made of the emotional lift that Lewis’ announcement provided but it’s hard to argue with the immediate results.

Lewis has also made 44 tackles in three playoff games so he’s providing much more than emotion and leadership.”

Leaders: Learn to let leaders lead and get out of their way. Coach John Harbaugh, and other coaches, have allowed Ray Lewis to lead the defense by example and being a coach on the field. Get people on the team that can make a difference and allow them to do what they do best. Who do you need to release to give leadership and direction?

Personally: How can you learn to let go and play into your strengths? In what ways can you grow in your strengths and model for others the best example of being a team player?

3. “Jan.6: Ravens unveil new-look offensive line in playoff opener versus the Colts.”

Jim Collins in his book, Good to Great (Harper Business, 2001)  says it is important to not only have the right people on the bus but to have them in the right seats. Sometimes it is the small adjustments that make the difference.

Leaders: What adjustments need to be made to help people reach their potential?

Personally: What adjustments in attitude or actions, maybe even small ones, do you need to make to improve and make all the difference?

4. “Jan. 20: Trailing the New England Patriots 13-7 at halftime of the AFC championship game, the Ravens put the game in Flacco’s (Joe Flacco is the quarterback) hands.”

Leaders: Who do you need to trust more and put the game in their hands to help the entire team win?

Personally: How do you become more trust-worthy? In whom do you need to trust to help you win?


Acknowledgement: “Four events that turned the Ravens season on the path to the Super Bowl” by Jeff Zreblec of The Baltimore Sun


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