Who Just Saw That?

Jan 17, 2013 by

 man tripping

Learn to laugh at yourself. Have you ever tripped and then wondered who was watching and what they might think? I remember for years, if I would stumble or trip I would immediately try to gain my composure and then check to see if anyone was looking. Like I could do anything about it anyway. Besides, we all stumble, and if we think that is what determines what people think of us or we allow it to matter, we only heighten our own insecurity.

Have you seen others do this? I have observed many people of different ages stumble or trip and then try to act like nothing happened or they are too sophisticated to acknowledge it. They will often try to blame someone or something else as long as they portray themselves as the victim, or as an “I’ve got it together and that really didn’t just happen” person.

Now I just laugh at myself and join in with others who are already laughing. I may make a comment about my clumsy self, or make a joke about me still learning to walk. We often take ourselves so serious, or feel insecure about ourselves, that we allow a simple trip or fall to cause us to anguish over what others might perceive.

So, I am still learning, but have a few things determined:

  • If I fall, I have not failed.
  • If I stumble, it does not make me any less of a person.
  • If I take life more seriously and myself less seriously, I will enjoy life a lot more.
  • If I learn to laugh at myself when I trip, then I can join others in a good laugh and move on with life.
  • If I choose, I can determine that a stumble, trip, or even a flat out scrape-my-hands-and-skin-my-chin fall only means I fell, nothing else. If I’m not hurt, then I can laugh by myself if no one sees or with everyone else if many see.
  • Have fun and enjoy life — including your clumsy self.
  • Laugh at yourself, and you will find others will enjoy you more.

What ways can you learn to laugh at yourself more to make you and life more enjoyable?


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