Attitude Makes the Difference: Part 2

Jan 10, 2013 by

Previously…. Nehemiah teaches us about attitude and how to approach life…

1. He demonstrates a humble attitude.

2. He communicates a positive attitude.

Read here for all of Part 1.

Part 2:

3.  Nehemiah commits to a willing attitude to go. He was willing to go to a place he had never been, to do something he had never done. He was willing to sacrifice and step out of his comfort zone to fulfill his purpose in life. Nehemiah’s legacy wasn’t being in the King’s court, it was stepping out and accomplishing this great feat. Without the willingness to go and try, he would have never accomplished this goal. What do you need to do to have a willingness to step out, risk, and try? Are you willing to stretch, to soar, or are you comfortable staying in your safety zone? What willing attitude do you need to demonstrate to fulfill what you are designed and destined to do?

4. Nehemiah shows a determined attitude to finish what he started. He had a “don’t quit” attitude. He did not let opposition from both within the ranks and those from the outside stop him. People will push us, and pull us; they will criticize and tell us it cannot be done. Remember, there are people with negative attitudes that only want to bring us down. Nehemiah faced them, and so will we.  The old adage is true that there are those who say it cannot be done and those who simply get it done. What new determination do you need as a leader, or follower, to fulfill the dream inside you? Will you commit to this dream and not allow anyone to stop you? Nehemiah faced the challenges directly and would not allow them or anyone stop him.

What is it that you are compelled to do? What attitudes will you choose to take to lead others in the direction to accomplish the vision or goal before you? If it is all about relationships, then your attitude will determine whom and how you will lead others. Follow Nehemiah’s example and live your dream. Live in a humble, positive, willing, and determined attitude to help you soar high and elevate your altitude.


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