A Light in the Dark

Dec 18, 2012 by

The devastation of the recent killings in Newtown, CT brings to all a realization of the harshness and evil of life. Not that any of this is less palatable with adults, but still, how horrifying that it involved those precious children.

Today we wanted to stop and let those who have lost their loved ones know we are praying for them during this tragic time. It is such a dark time in their lives and will carry with them for the rest of their days here on earth. These relationships have been torn apart as many lost their lives from this evil event.

The shame of these children and adults being taken from us is incomprehensible. It is heart-wrenching, and for those of us with children, we cannot imagine the devastation and loss. We are praying for these families and trust that somehow during this dark time some small sense of peace and comfort is there for them.

As people of faith, we pray and trust that there will somehow be strength to make it through another day. In this darkness we pray that in some way there may be a glimmer of light to shine in their lives.

As we celebrate Christmas, Christ came to be light and hope in darkness and hurt; we pray that His light will flicker in hope for these left here in a dark, dark time of their lives. We do not intend to be flippant in anyway, rather we believe that the Christ-child whose birthday we celebrate has come to bring comfort to each of us in every circumstance we face.

  • Please pray for these families in CT.
  • Please take time to heal the hurts you may have in any broken relationships. Time is flying by, and we honestly do not know how long we will have with one another. This tragic event, which snatched life from those who still had so long to live, is a vivid and awful reminder of the shortness of life and relationships.
  • Please express love, forgiveness, grace, and appreciation for family and friends in your life. Take time to share your love and admiration for one another.

Life is short and too often shorter than our minds can comprehend or anticipate. Take time to make time for the most important things in your life…they are not things but people. Share the Christmas spirit and love with others and remember those who are hurting and longing to hold these dear loved ones. Squeeze a hand; give a hug; love on someone with a kind word and a gentle touch.

To those in Connecticut we cannot express adequately our sorrow for your loss, and in some way we trust that you will know that we care enough to let you know we are praying with you and for you.

~Jim and Jerolyn Bogear


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